A person's unbalance is the same as a weight.

~Isshinryu Karate Code, Precept #4

Worbington Steele Sai are made of stainless steel and built to last. They will not rust or peel like mass-produced chrome sai. In addition to being a superior weapon, they will stand the test of time and make a beautiful family heirloom. Pass on your passion for martial arts weaponry to the generations to come. 

Each sai pair is custom fit to the measurements of your hands and arms. 


Your weapon will also come stamped and with a certificate of authenticity. 


Personalize your sai with finishes such as handle shape, wrap color and metal finish. 

Available in 4 different diameters of steel, ranging from heavy to light for your perfect weight and balance.

Wrap Color:

black, red, wine, navy, green or pink.

* Spool color, "pictured" is represented immediately after dye process. Color will vary depending on where the thread is on the dyed spool. 

Handle Butt Shape:

cone, cylindrical, round with flat end, cylindrical with dome end ball, oval, octagon, etc. 

Heat Treatment Finish*: 

Polished, Antique or Gold

(Gold not recommended for contact) 

*not a coating


Engraving available upon request. Request a quote for pricing. 


Manji Sai also available upon request.