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A person's unbalance is the same as a weight.

~Isshinryu Karate Code, Precept #4


 Worbington Steele was birthed out of my love for karate and my talents as a master machinist. Initially, I took my experience in the machine shop to modify my own weapon, finding that I could create a more comfortable, more balanced, custom fit that enhanced my training. Others around me saw the need for more precise weapons, and I then began modifying and creating sai and other karate weapons for friends and students as well. For over 25 years, I have been making and modifying weapons. It has taken me years of practice, and a ton of patience to develop a unique weapon not only in appearance but more importantly, a weapon that is superior for training. Worbington Steele sai and tonfas arehigh quality, precisely balanced professional weapons that are custom fitted and personalized.


We take our motto from one of our karate codes: "A person’s unbalance is the same as a weight."This motto guides our business and production, and is my guarantee that our weapons are designed with the serious practitioner in mind. Let us build you a weapon that is an extension of the weapons master that you are and can become. A perfect fit for the serious trainer.

Hachi-Dan Phillip Worbington, Master Machinist

Hachi-Dan Phillip Worbington is an 8th Degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate, with over 32 years of experience as a machinist. He has spent over 40 years training and teaching martial arts.  

From Master Phillip:

" With each custom order, I consider the person that will be using the weapon I create. As a martial artist, I know that it takes more than talent to master a weapon. The sai is my favorite weapon and  I have devoted much of my training enthusiasm in this weapon 
because of my desire to perfect my own performance. Unlike the bo or tonfa, it is more difficult to buy a sai that is designed to work easily. In my early years of training I worked with the weapons I had and adjusted my training to accommodate my weapon. I found most of them to be either too long or short to fit my hand, too narrow or too wide across the width of my hand and almost always too heavy at the handle, which resulted in awkward flipping and handling of the weapon.

As a machinist, I had a luxury that no one else had.  I was able to start modifying my weapons almost Immediately, trying to find a weapon that was comfortable as well as one that was a perfect fit for me. After years of working with different styles, I have been able to create a superior product that can easily be made to fit any martial artist."

Let Worbington Steele help you catapult your weapons training to the next level. 
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